About Us

Erwache! began as an idea in the later part of 2016. In 2017, the idea finally came to fruition. We are a news and commentary site that promotes nationalism and traditional values for all peoples. We believe in ethnopluralism and wish for the world to be truly diverse. True diversity entails that all peoples have their respective areas that they inhabit and make unique. Imagine a painting. The beauty of each color manifests itself in its own space rather than every color being forcefully mixed together. 


We are pushing back against the full-scale assault being carried out by certain devious elements in our world who wish to change humanity for the worse. We want strong families, safe streets, united populations, and high levels of human development for all. Pride in one's nation and in one's traditions will ensure that many of these things will become the norm once again. That is what we are here to do at Erwache!


We say "death to political correctness!" We say "death to moral relativism!" Most importantly, we say "death to multiculturalism!" Our name means "awake!" in German. This is precisely what we want. We want to see an awakening of the right-wing throughout the world. Our enemies are numerous and powerful, but the side of right will emerge victorious.

Welcome to Erwache! We promote nationalism and traditional values through news and commentary.