Why Identity Politics Is Necessary

Published 8/4/17

Mainstream conservatives wish to do away with identity politics, but it is something vital to ensure the survival of Western civilization.

The Beginning of The End

Published 8/3/17

1945 marked the beginning of the end of Western civilization. Unfortunately, it is seen as a great victory through a very simplistic lens.

Pop Culture Is Lies Based on Dishonesty

Published 8/2/17

Pop culture has succeeded in producing an innocent facade for impressionable youth, but what is the truth behind it?

Libertarianism's Inherent Inefficiency

Published 8/1/17

Libertarianism is often seen as the ideology of "live and let live." Is this what the West really needs?

Ugly Truths About The European Migrant Crisis

Published 7/6/17

What are the facts concerning the European migrant crisis?

More Than Sixty Killed in Portugal Forest Fires

Published 6/18/17

Sixty-two people have been killed in forest fires near Coimbra, Portugal.

Around 10,000 Muslims Set to Gather to Protest Islamic Extremism

Published 6/16/17

In Cologne, nearly 10,000 Muslims are set to take part in demonstrations against Islamic extremism. One of Germany's largest Muslim associations has refused to participate. 

Australian Government Poised to End Child Sex Vacations

Published 6/14/17

Australia's government is attempting to pass legislation to cancel convicted pedophiles' passports. 

Police Officer Shot at Munich Train Station

Published 6/13/17

A German policewoman is in critical condition after being shot in the head at a train station in Munich.

Puerto Rico Overwhelmingly Votes in Favor of Statehood

Published 6/12/17

Ninety-seven percent of Puerto Ricans who voted in recent referendum voted for statehood. 

Leader of Islamic State Killed According to Reports

Published 6/11/17

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Islamic State's leader, has reportedly been killed.

Saudi Soccer Team Fail to Line Up to Honor London Terror Victims

Published 6/8/17

Australian soccer fans boo the Saudi team as they fail to line up to honor London terror attack victims

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Two Attacks on Iranian Capital

Published 6/7/17

Islamic State claims responsibility on two attacks that killed twelve people in Tehran.

Jordan Cuts Back on Diplomatic Relations with Qatar

Published 6/6/17

Jordan has decided to scale back its dealings with Qatar, emulating Saudi Arabia's decision.

Six Countries Cut Diplomatic Ties with Qatar

Published 6/5/17

Six Arab states have cut ties with Qatar claiming that Doha is destabilizing the area.

Death Toll in London Terror Attack Rises to 7 Dead

Published 6/4/17

London police confirm another fatality following the London Bridge attacks, raising the total number of deaths to seven.

Rock am Ring Resumes After Terror Scare

Published 6/3/17

The famous rock festival in Germany resumes after terror scare. 

Russia and Japan to Take Part in Joint Projects on Kuril Islands

Published 6/2/17

The Sakhalin Region Governor announces that Russia and Japan will carry out joint commercial projects.

Great Britain Now Worst-Performing Advanced Economy Following Post-Brexit Slowdown

Published 6/1/17

The British economy now ranks last among G7 member states. 

United States Pulling out of Paris Climate Deal

Published 5/31/17

President Trump has decided to pull the United States out of a global agreement to combat climate change. 

Former Panamanian Strongman Manuel Noriega Dead at 83

Published 5/30/17

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega dies at 83 years old late on Monday night.  

DRC Allows Trial of New Experimental Ebola Vaccine

Published 5/29/17

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo has allowed the testing of an experimental Ebola vaccine to fight an outbreak in the northeast of the country. 

In Tweet, President Trump Calls Portland Attack "Unacceptable"

Published 5/29/17

President Trump condemns an attack on three men who tried to intervene in an anti-Muslim verbal attack directed at two women in Portland. Oregon. 

Russian Company Kamaz to Supply At Least 1,000 Trucks to The Philippines by 2020

Published 5/29/17

Kamaz and Lifetruck have signed an agreement calling for at least 1,000 trucks to be delivered to the Philippines by 2020. 

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