The Inherent Inequality Among The Races

Published 5/28/17

Contrary to the orthodoxy drilled in the heads of Westerners, the races are not and have never actually been equal.

Tomb of Charles de Gaulle Vandalized

Published 5/28/17

Vandals deface tomb of renowned French general Charles de Gaulle.

Germany's AfD Party Eyeing Headscarf Ban

Published 5/27/17

AfD politician says that "the headscarf doesn't belong in Germany."

Where Anti-Gun Activists Miss The Mark

Published 5/26/17

Anti-gun activists want to make America safe by restricting firearms ownership. How do their efforts stack up against the facts?

Gunmen Kill 23 Christians in Egypt

Published 5/26/17

A bus carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt was attacked, resulting in the deaths of at least twenty-three people according to a Health Ministry official.

Sources State NATO to Officially Join Anti-ISIS Coalition

Published 5/25/17

Diplomatic sources say that the alliance is ready to join an anti-ISIS coalition led by the United States.

British Home Secretary Condemns American Officials for Leaking Intelligence on Manchester Attack

Published 5/24/17

Home Secretary Amber Rudd expresses irritation at the leaking of intelligence regarding the Manchester bombing by US officials. 

United Kingdom Raises Terror Threat Level in The Wake of Manchester Bombing

Published 5/23/17

The British government raises terror threat level to "critical" which suggests that another terror attack may be imminent.

Scientists Discover That Europe Is Birthplace of Mankind, Not Africa

Published 5/22/17

The history of the evolution of mankind has been rewritten following the discovery that Europe is the birthplace of mankind instead of Africa.

President Trump Visits Israel via First-Ever Direct Flight from Saudi Arabia

Published 5/22/17

President Trump arrives in Israel to aid in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Ford Motor Company Replaces Its CEO

Published 5/22/17

Jim Hackett replaces Mark Fields as CEO of Ford.

An African Tragedy

Published 5/21/17

There are facts not discussed about South Africa that must be brought to the forefront.

United States and Saudi Arabia Sign Arms Agreements Worth Approximately $110 Billion

Published 5/20/17

On President Trump's first visit to Saudi Arabia, he signs weapons deals with Saudi Arabia worth nearly $110 billion.

Russian Government Estimates Economic Growth Will Exceed Global Average in 2019-2020

Published 5/19/17

Russian prime minister notes that Russia's economic growth will surpass the global average in 2019-2020.

Household Debt in the United States Hits Record High

Published 5/18/17

Americans' debt from loans and credit cards provoke fears of a wave of defaults throughout the country.

A Rational Analysis of Fascism

Published 5/17/17

Many on both the left and right refuse to have a rational discussion about fascism. In a civilization that upholds free speech, it is vital to intellectually discuss controversial ideas.

Erwache! Podcast #1

Published 5/17/17

Editor-in-chief Ed Soto tells his story and talks about the idea of Christianity as a wall against Islam.

Trump Says Talks with Russian Officials Was Successful

Published 5/16/17

President Trump describes meeting in which he allegedly leaked information to Russian diplomats as "very, very successful."

Democrats Demonstrate Hypocrisy over Comey Firing

Published 5/14/17

Democrats keeping pressure on President Trump in the wake of Comey's firing.

An Exercise in Futility

Published 5/12/17

Is foreign aid really helping the developing world?

Russian Military to Receive Advanced Artillery Recon Systems

Published 5/11/17

Russia's military will receive new artillery reconnaissance systems in large numbers starting in 2019.

Hungary Builds Second Fence to Keep out Migrants

Published 4/28/17

Hungary has completed the construction of a second fence to keep migrants out.

North Korea Releases Video of Simulated Attack on White House

Published 4/27/17

North Korea puts out proaganda video of a simulated attack on the White House.

Trump Plan Calls for Large Increase in Tax Deductions

Published 4/26/17

President Trump's tax plan calls for an increase in the amount of tax deductions Americans can claim.

Vladimir Putin Planning to Increase Russian Navy's Advanced Weapons Share

Published 4/25/17

Russian president Vladimir Putin is planning to increase the Russian Navy's advanced weapons share to 70%

US Corporate Tax Receipts Down 18%

Published 4/24/17

Corporate income tax receipts have declined by 18% recently. The only conclusion that can be reached is that profits are going down.

Colonialism's Mixed Blessings

Published 4/23/17

The negative aspects of colonialism are always discussed, but what about the positive?

Debunking The Myth of Europe's Ill-Gotten Gains

Published 4/22/17

People say Europe became rich off of theft, but this is a misconception.

President Trump Predicts Paris Attacks Will Have Effect on French Elections

Published 4/21/17

President Trump tweets about the effect that the Paris attacks will have on France's upcoming election.

The Left's Double Standards on Immigration

Published 4/21/17

People, especially those on the left, go on about xenophobia and overly strict immigration policies by right-wing parties. Where is the outrage over immigration policy in other parts of the world?

Indonesian Christian Governor Loses Reelection Bid

Published 4/20/17

Islamists secure victory in Indonesian gubernatorial election.

Majority of Russians Support Air Operations in Syria

Published 4/20/17

Fifty-three percent of Russians support air operations in Syria, meanwhile thirty-four percent of Russians oppose air operations in the area. 

Some Facts about Islamic Terrorism

Published 4/20/17

There are some facts and statistics about Islamic terrorism not widely discussed.

The Future That Awaits The West

Published 4/19/17

Rhodesia and South Africa show what we will see in the West if nothing is done.

Mali's Heat Taking Toll on Bundeswehr Vehicles

Published 4/19/17

Only about half of Germany's military vehicles are operational at a UN base located in Mali.

Global Economy to Grow 3.5% in 2017

Published 4/19/17

An IMF report says that the world economy will grow 3.5% in 2017.

MS-13 Could Qualify as A Terrorist Organization

Published 4/19/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says that MS-13 could be labeled as a terrorist group.

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